Mars hydro TSW 2000

Anyone out there have any experience with the Mars TSW 2000? If so about how far do you have your light away from the seedlings and at what percentage?

Being a white light I use a lux meter as a guide. I aim for 7000-10,000 for seedlings, achieved from light 10 inches away at 25% power.

I slowly increase as the growth rate slides up, taking it from 10k to 15k in phase 1 (12 inches at 50%}, ending 24" on 90% for last 2 weeks before flower. Leave height at 24", turn to 100% and allow plant to stretch to 18" below before moving the light to maintain the canopy distance

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I’m guessing you dont have lux meter… start at about 36 inches if it dosent dim and if they start to strech bring it down a couple inches untill the nodes get closern(the space between the leaves) if it gets over an inch to inch and a half lower the light)…its gonna take some time to get this down as theres jot a 100 way to do it …strain to strain things can differ ecspeciall indica to sativa for this matter

Thanks. I am ordering a lux meter but I am confused on their effectiveness on led lights. Some say they work others say they don’t. I haven’t started my first grow yet, trying to get as much information as I can before I start. I would appreciate any assistance you could give.

Appreciate the input. I’m a little confused on what the pix meter will work on and what it won’t. But if it will work on these lights I will definitely invest in one. Thanks!!

Lux meters are good for white light… Blurple or coloured LED’s require PPFD readings, as lux is no longer a true measure of photon flux at that point. With white light, be it LED, MH etc… Lux is a good measurement.

Hou don’t need to buy a separate meter… If on android, download an app called “lux”. It uses the light sensor on the front of your smart phone. It’s not “100%” accurate, but +/-1000 lux is neither here nor there once you’re out of the seedling stage

Even white light is a poor way to be quantified in lux… especially led … best way is to find dli ppfd in all light as a bench mark it’s a level that can be manipulated with dimming distance and time