Mars hydro ts 3000 in a 3x3?

You guys think it’s too much light in a 39x39x71 tent? I already have the light and a 4x4 but I need the space in the room it’s in. If I went down to that other tent and ran the 3000 would it be overkill? I’d just be doing 3 medium sized auto plants at a time. I have 2 ts 1000 as well as the ts 3000 maybe use one 1000 during veg and pop the 3000 in to flower? And opinions and experience would help thanks guys.

Do a few lux tests on your phone and as long as your not higher then10k for the 1st week 50k at veg and 72k at flower at any point of the canopy you should be pretty safe( raise the intensity slowly 1-2k at a time)