Mars Hydro Question

Needing to upgrade my LED usage. When looking at the specs, The MarsHydro 600watt light states the “actual” watts were 278, +/-5%. Clearly there is a secret language or special handshake required to figure this out alone. Need to cover 2foot X 5foot area in closet.

@Aquaponic_Dumme u There?

the manufacturer should advertise the footprint for the light. most LED’s run about half of the listed wattage until you get into the high end lights. basic rule of thumb for an LED grow is 26 watts per square foot… that light has the right wattage however the footprint may not match up quite right as I am sure the light will shine more than two feet wide but not quite 5 feet long.
If it were mine…I would go ahead with the light but supplement with an CFL on either end to ensure good coverage.


thanks. Just ordered 2 :wink: so for watts, it is really about half the size they say. Reminds me of going fishing…

Sorry bud, I was in the garden. LED’s are better explained in terms of PAR rather than WATTs. I’m not sure of your question, but @Oak has done a very good job of explaining. Let me know… :slight_smile: