Mars hydro 920 reflector


Ok I’m a new grower and I straight up made the mistake of buying to big of tent for light size. Can I veg and bloom with the Mars hydro reflector 920 on both settings to increase watts per space and still get good results or am I better off buying smaller tent. Buy the way my tent size is 2mx2mx2m I no I need half that size so figured running light on both spectrum would help.


First of all Welcome to the best grow forum on the web. Everyone here is super helpful so ask away. I am fairly new at growing as well. 4 grows completed.

That size of tent you will need about 1800 watts of true power. So you either need a smaller tent or more lights. How many plants you thinking of growing? Autos? Photo’s


You could put some panda plastic up and cut the size of your tent down


Im guessing that you have the Mars Hydro 960? They don’t show a 920.
I run the Mars Hydro 960 in a 3’x3’ tent. Perfect size for that light.


Yeah ment 960. Thanks for reply’s ended up buying another light and 2 3x3 tents. Going a 2 light rotation until I can buy enough lights for my big tent then will veg in my smaller tents and flower in big tent. Probably better I start small first as I’m sure to make a few mistakes. Only going led due to heat where I live.