Mars Hydro 2 pro 320 5 white window

and the YouTube channel for weeks updated


Beautiful nice job

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Are those frozen water bottles in there? And if so, how much of a temperature drop do you see with them in there?

More then likely , co2… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

It is a co2 bost what help the plants to grow

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Today starting the flower period


I’d say you have the red spectrum covered😎

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The mars hydro 320 it’s a beast of led and onli 750 w pe hour full spectrum at 4×4 feet canopy

Let the flowering begin in a bright ass red glow. Going to fill that tent

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I hope to next grow will be some chem dogg seeds normally i wanted to keep them til 4 6 weeks in veg but my seed come in 2 months and i wanted to have a empty room then to start

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Hey, man. I am a newbie. I want to find a LED light for my first grow. The low price lead me to Mars-Hydro. I have no idea about their light. Can you pls tell me your experience with their light? Thanks. :smiley:

Is Mars pro II 320 the best model they have? I found they have other two lights can cover 4x4 well. I am planning to get a 120x120cm grow tent and a light. Thanks.