Mars 300watt led on sale


Full spectrum or adjustable wave LED

Yeah I saw that sell gonna order a 300 and 600 next week I hope :crossed_fingers:


I was thinking of getting 8 of them for my second room. That’ll give the same watts I have in grow room but spread out for better coverage during flowering


From what I’ve learned that’s the way to go @hillbilly103 , I’m gonna get rid of my hps and add another 600 in flower tent and a 300 in veg and a 150 cfl and a t5 for the clone and seedling room


I own 2 of these LED fixtures and I love them. They replaced my 600w HPS in my flower tent.



I’ve got 8 on the way


Good choice on the fluoro’s! A lot of people won’t even consider them because they lack intensity, but they are perfect for mother/clones.


You won’t be upset with the purchase @hillbilly103
I’ve only heard good feed back on those lights :+1: Woohoo :raised_hands: 8 new lights


I was able to get one, and want to get a few more. But 8 @hillbilly103?! My god man!


@NewMan @Countryboyjvd1971
Building another 4x8x8 room and decided to go with 8 - 300’s rather than 2 - 1200’s


I have used one of these in my small grow box and it has worked very well.


I do the same thing more smaller lights than one big :+1: @hillbilly103


@hillbilly103 makes sense, cover more area with the same wattage. Send pics when its all set up!


Would you characterize the spectrum as more blue or more red? I would like to get one more comparable to my Meizhi 300 watt reflector series. That’s only $85 though so I may just do that.

@Countryboyjvd1971, @hillbilly103, I do the same. I have 8 running as well plus side lights.


Are these blue spectrum enough for veg? I ask because some of my lights are really only good for bloom but were sold as “full spectrum” . I like the Meizhi for veg myself and then I have some Laputa 1,000 watt (hahaha) and 2 Roleadro COB fixtures. The Laputa and Roleadro are distinctly more red spectrum and my seedlings really like the Meizhi over the Roleadro.


I was actually looking at those meizhi lights they Look decent in specs and @Hogmaster uses them
He won th BOM a couple times with those lights :+1:


I love them


Looking good buddy @Hogmaster


Few days old


Make it home to play ?