Marijuanna pills? Cannacaps (

I suffer from chronic back pain and I take morphine and vicodin for about the last 5 years. ive been researching MMJ and think it may be an option. problem is, im not a huge fan of smoking or vaping. and I dont like not knowing how I will be affected from one smoke to the next. ive read of people making their own MMJ capsules from a combination of decarbolized bud and coconut oil. thus controlling the variables. has anyone done this? I have edited this post to include the link I found cannacaps

I have a script for maranol … It is nothing like smoking but I just don’t get anything from the pill per say…it does help with your apatite…T

@daddyschatz dispensaries near me sell “Dose Nuggets”’ they are THC:CBD infused caramels – I will use them for my back pain when flowers aren’t an option. Some are CBD only. I like the 1:1 ThC:CBD. Takes some trial and error to find the right dose, but they come in 10 mg, 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg concentrations. Yesterday I lucked out and bought some 50 mgs that tested at 73 mg! Sweet bonus for the same $.
Might be an option for you if you are in a legal MMJ state?

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They have actual tablets of different potencies. I’ve seen them before.
Kinda like theses

This might give you some help. Jerry

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Thanks, that’s wicked hiliarious.
I can only imagine the excitement this is going to stir up among all the growers here with hemp and not mj growing in their tents. The whole legal in all 50 states thing should be a dead giveaway this is snake oil.

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This is what I do. It’s more cost effective and concentrated than infusing coconut oil.


Try this website



here is a link to explain what I was thinking/asking about