Marijuana won't flower


A question from a fellow grower:

!today are of 2 months 3 but do not develop something why is that?What would you recommend?I think 3 months to change the lights in a 12 light and 12 dark? how long it takes to blossom and be ready for picking!


Most marijuana will not flower unless you give it 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness every day. You might want to put the smaller plants into a flowering light cycle later than the bigger plants. Keep the smaller plants in an 18 hours of light to 6 hours of darkness until they are much bigger for a better yeild.


Looks like they are ready.

Yeah; If you have not changed to 12/12, they are not going to flower. Unless they are “Auto” flower strains.

I would take a cutting or 2 from the bottom of all plants and label them for Mother Plants, and possible cloning.

By doing this; You can have stable genetics. This allows for you to buy seeds from another strain and build a breeding program.

Looks like you have a great room that could be subdivided into different areas. :slight_smile: Just saying


An update from the grower:

two plants have a disease!one has small holes! and the other has a “rust” I removed the diseased leaves!what to do is there anything treatment?


Pest/mold/fungi/bugs caused holes or do you think damage to the leaves is because of nutrient deficiencies?

Temperature of the soil( too much above 70F/21C or well below 60F/15C can cause problems) as well as a problem with your nutrient feeding – too much, too little or not the right regiment at the right time may contribute in these problems.


Oh yeah, high temperature with high humidity in the room can also contribute to mold/fungi problems.