Marijuana White Widow spacing

A question from a fellow grower:

can you tell me how close I can space White Widow Auto’s? Need an idea of how many I can fit into a 4’ x 4’ x 7’ tent.

Some “Autos” grow at different height than others. I recommend no more than 5. The reasoning behind this concept is that; You allow for more vigorous growth without sacrificing air circulation. A common mistake made by new growers trying to cram too many plants in a small space. I ahve a tent that size, and I try to never have more than 6 mature plants in that tent. :slight_smile:

I am a first time grower. I am growin 3-Ak47’s and 3 white widows. Out of the autos planted 5 grew and one did not. My question is about different grow heights. Currently my Viparspectra 600 is 18-20 inches above my plants. It has been suggested to bend the tall ones until the others catch up. I am growing in 48x48x72 tent.
My tallest plant is about 6 inches from the bottom of the light. When I checked on my girls they all look like they are catching except one. All of them look healthy and my PH is around a 7 or less. I have to honestly say that the fox farm soil has worked out great, I have not had to add nutes yet. I suppose when they begin to bloom I will use some nutes. So when all my plants reach the light, that’s when I raise the light to 18-20 inches above the plants?.

You might want to lower PH a .point or 2. Optimum PH is 6.5 but, you are
in the ballpark. Remember Cannabis likes a slightly acidic soil, and 7.0
is neutral. :slight_smile:

The Aquafina bottled water I’m using for my girls has a ph of 5.5-5.9. Plus the fox farm soil is 6.5-6.8 ph. My plants look very healthy. The ph, light, and moisture meter combo I’m using is not the most expensive. When I use to measure soil ph it registers between a 6-7. I think I’m good. Thank you so much for your support.