Marijuana sprouting to growing plant

A fellow grower in need of some advice:

I had a couple of seeds left over from last year. I germinated the two
and one is surviving. I’m having a really hard time getting plants to
transition from the newly sprouted seedling to a health, growing plant.
The one I have now is doing better than any I planted last year ( they
all died… :frowning: ) But that one doesn’t look good… I wish,
SOMEONE would please give me some good advice on this stage. I’ve
tried every thing. And yes, I have the MJ bible that Robert wrote.
There is just nothing that I can find for info on that stage of plant

A support ticket was also filled out:
Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA WHITE WIDOW
Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? SOIL IN POTS
System type?NA
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?NA
What is strength of nutrient mix? NA
Indoor or Outdoor…INDOOR
Light system, size? FLOURESCENT, A LOT
Temps; DAY 75-85, NIGHT 55-65 (EST)
Humidity; Day, Night…NA…80% AVERAG
Ventilation system; YES,
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,NO
Co2; .NO

If they germinate and then die after being put in soil, the first questions would be about the soil. What kind of soil is it? Is it seed starter soil, or regular soil, or is it soil with nutrients? The only soil that plants will do well in before their 4th node is seed starter soil with the absolute bare(none if possible) nutrients added to it.

Second question would be about how often and how do you water? Seedlings do best when you apply a light spray around the very base of the plant to just keep the surface moist. More water can drown seedlings very quickly.

Finally, I see your temps get up to 85 during the day, that might be too high for the babies.

How my wife and I start seedlings…

We germinate the seeds using paper towels. We plant the seed in seed starter soil and keep them under a starter light kit until they’re at least at 4 nodes. We transplant into their next size pots and begin to water the soil.

Once that’s done, we start the Veg calendar and keep them in those pots until they’re too big. Then we put them into their “forever homes” and grow the rest of the way.