Marijuana security


A question from a fellow grower:

What can you tell me about online security?


In regards to placing an order?

This website uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and has digital certificates like verisign if you want to place your order with a Credit card (Visa / MasterCard / American Express)

You can also pay with:

International Bank transfer
Cash by mail
Bitcoin (contact us for wallet code)

and I believe with Paypal as well.

Your credit card or bank statement will not mention Marijuana, seeds or cannabis.

And you can even pay with cash by mail.


Do not post your personal information, email, address or phone online; EVER!

On a site with an SSL certificate; Your info is private, unless you give cause to authorities to issue a search warrant. At that point; It is a matter of whether or not, they can get their hands on the server/database.

Hope this helps


And then there is this:


Well; Of course there is that; But as I believe you have mentioned; They are not looking for home growers. They are looking for organizations that are a security risk. That is my take.

Finally; I concur; Thee is no “ABSOLUTE” guarantees. As a rule of thumb; do not get greedy…Set up a perpetual grow…Seed to Veg to clone to sex to Mom. Do not share information with friends. If you feel you are about to share your grow op with a friend…take a secind, and imagine a badge on his chest. Then; Shut up!

This will allow you to always have Medicine


Agreed, all that meta data, to be on anyone’s radar you really have to be very careless and doing a whole lot that maybe you shouldn’t be doing. The personal home grower for the most part is of little interest, especially with the recent court rulings and the advances in medical and recreational legalization of marijuana.


I don’t know why I didn’t share this before. I love this guys and have been friends with him on youtube and Facebook for a long time. He’s a former cop that used to specialize in drug enforcement and detection – turned political activist and narcotics, especially marijuana, decriminalization activist. He exposed many police tactics that were violating civil rights and the police tactics and practices that were actually against the law. He has a ton of great advice on how to ‘never get busted’ here:


Be sure to be extra careful if you are growing organic black berries in Texas, lol.