Marijuana sativa/indica

A very interesting question from a fellow grower:

I’ll probably start with Northern Light and White Widow. I would be inclined to get feminized but I have one concern: why is there such a large difference in the relative sativa/indica percentages? Northern Light regular is 100% indica but the feminized is only 90%. With White Widow the difference is 20%.

I'm sure that any of these seeds are going to yield some awesome plants - that is not a concern. I'm trying to understand what defines the strain? At what point are they no longer the same strain?

Most of the seed vendors don't even give the relative percentages and lead you to believe they are identical. Hopefully my biology background is causing me to over think this, but I'd truly like to know.

I have a concept in relation to your query, but I am not the breeder. This is a question for Robert. I would not want to speculate, and give you the wrong answer.

We will pass this up the line. :slight_smile: