Marijuana roots dried, how to save?

A question from a fellow grower:

hi my buds are about 2 to 3 inches long and have stop growing i
think my roots have dried outy I water it but no change

if the roots are dried is there any way to save the plant?

I think you are being impatient. We hope that you have not over watered them; And, since you think they dried out…Perhaps not.

Plants sprout, then they establish roots. While establishing roots they appear to be dormant.

Are the l;eaves green? Perhaps it is a good idea to read our Free Grow bible. :slight_smile:

With auto flowers do u have to changer the lights to 12\12 . I had ten auto just stop as soon as they show sign of sex… And the grow bible says noting about autos i already have it. I seen ppl say u can leave the lights on 24\7 and never change it. Let me know what u think

I never grow anything 24/7 lights on. Plants need rest just like humans.

Yes. Aytos are designed to flower under vegetative photo periods. W
ith that said; Plants are not an exact science; They adapt, and thrive under changing environment; With that said. Sometimes I have read where growers of aoutos had to help the induction of flowering. Not always, but it may be necessary.

I would start them under 18/6 photo period, and see how it goes.

One proven scientific fact: Roots do not thrive under extremely long photo periods. Less roots = Less buds. :slight_smile: