Marijuana plants too tall for greenhouse

In late June, I planted a few marijuana seeds in my greenhouse. It’s currently late August and the plants are starting to flower, but they are hitting the structure’s ceiling. Will the marijuana plants stop growing vertically while flowering? Also, will they have enough time to complete the process or did they start flowering too late?

The marijuana plants will continue growing even as they flower (about two feet). Instead of clipping the new growth, try to bend the branches so that they run horizontally rather than vertically. You can do this most easily with a strong vertical stake in the ground with several horizontal slots to form crosses. Tie the marijuana plants’ stem and branches to the stake.

You could also just bend the entire marijuana plant down and tie it to a tent stake in the ground. Bending stems works best at 90*F because they will not break at the pinched area.

The marijuana plants should finish flowering in around 6 weeks by the middle of October. They shouldn’t have a problem finishing up in a greenhouse during that time.


I have the same issue. My green house isn’t big enough. I have run out of room. Hope they flower soon.

Those girls are monsters. You may want to bend them over some and tie those babies down. You can account for 50% flower stretch… That could be a issue in the long run.

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