Marijuana plants producing flowers during vegetative state


I’ve got 2 marijuana plants in a Phototron that has six fluorescent Italy-imported lamps. The plants are a lush, stout sativa and an Afghani hydro. The internode spacing is very close in proximity. For about ten days, the marijuana plants have grown female flowers that have white hair poking out of the nodes. Is it at all possible for the plants to start growing flowers even if they haven’t entered the 12/12 cycle? I’ve kept them under continuous light the entire time and am looking to force them at 12/12 next week.

Marijuana plants grown under lamps that have a large concentration of light in the red spectrum tend to produce some flowers on the upper nodes in the middle of vegetative state. These flowers indicate the plant’s sex. The effect on the vegetative growth is minimal (if at all).

You’ll find that warm-white fluorescents and HPS lamps produce light that is high in the red spectrum. This encourages pre-flowering and faster maturation times.