Marijuana plants don't grow well, any advice?

A question from a fellow grower:

Well i have tried to grow my seed in pot and on ground but no matter
how i plant them they grow with very long stems or they just die. What
am i doing wrong

Moving the lights closer to the plant tops may also be a temporary
solution to stretching. But definitely keep a fan blowing on them to
strengthen the stalks and stake them up if they can’t stand on their
Also apply fertilizer that
is low in nitrogen and high in phosphorous to encourage flowering and
fruiting in plants that may be leggy as the result of over fertilization
with nitrogen.

Long thin stretching plants are usually due to not enough intense light. Russ1 has good advice.

As to why they are otherwise dying, I can’t say for certain, there could be numerous reasons. Have you downloaded and read the free grow bible?

You can also look at the ILGM support ticket and fill it out and we would have a better idea of what else might be going wrong.