Marijuana plant sex advice

A question from a fellow grower:

My plant is a month

old and is showing some white pistels is it normal or its to early to be showing her sex?

What strain of seed are you using?Some show as early as a month others longer.Another pic taken closer would help,even blown up I can’t see any pistils.

That plant looks way too immature to be showing sex. I don’t see pistols at all yet, Just the beginnings of some pre-calyxes, that are for now, indeterminate of sex. Those parts often look exactly the same for females and for males until much later. In males the “calyx” will become more “ball” like and start to hang off the plant a little, above and slightly away from the plant on its own little “stem”. Female flowers will stay right up against the main part of the plant, and eventually a very clear, white, milky white or off white, and sometimes with hints of other colors, yellow, pink or purple, but still very much a “hair” pistol will emerge from the top center of the calyx. I don’t see any of this showing on your plant yet.

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