Marijuana plant advice

A grower in need of advice asked:

I fimmed my plants on 22th of February, new colas are grown and they aren’t symmetric fortunately, but they don’t grow enough, i took these photos last night and their going to droop for sleep, look at my six new colas (red circles), would you tell me
If i should wait for their grow or this isn’t any success in this f.i.m and i should top my plants?

Plant looks over watered to me. This has nothing to with what custom advanced technique you are attempting to use,. It is an I need to figure out what I am doing wrong thing.:slight_smile:

Give us some info

They said it is drooping because they peeked in during the dark period, so I’m not sure if this droopiness has anything to do with over-watering. But, especially during the long dark/short day growing period for flowering, the dark period should never be interrupted with light like this, you are just asking for problems if you interupt the dark period during the flowering schedule.

Thank you but i don’t worry about drooping,this is about the 6 new colas (red circles) should I wait for their grow or they’ll not grow enough, IF they don’t, can i top it now at least for tow new colas on the top?

I know you said you are not worried about the drooping, but I am worried about you interrupting the dark period.

I think you are identifying the nodes correctly that are likely to turn into colas. But I’m not entirely sure how much they’ll continue to stretch as you’ve said nothing about what light cycle they are in, veg or flower light schedule periods?

If it is in the flowering light schedule, as I said the interruption of the dark period could be detrimental. In other words DON’T peek in during the dark period during the flowering light schedule.

If it is in the flowering light schedule, the length of time, days or weeks from when you first switched to the, say most commonly used for flowering, a 12/12 flowering light schedule, this would help with understanding how much more stretch you might get and if it would be ok to top or fim or not. If it is still in veg, fim or topping should be fine with certain training and pruning techniques.

Sorry dude but that is one under developed plant, light problems I just am sad for your plant. This is a plant 3 weeks old from seed and been topped 2 times. something is wrong with your plant. Did you download the bible??.

Their in vegetative of course, I’m waiting for new colas grow enough to turn them into flowering. then you’re saying that my new colas will grow, and i can top them to? And how much time take that my new tops grow enough and ready for turn into flowering stage?

Yes I read everything, many books and notes, their light is ok i think,both led and fluorescent for vegetative, and I’ll use hps and metal and uv and some red LESs and just a few sunlamp for flowering. What problems do you think my plants have? Need some pics from others??