Marijuana plant 3 leaves

A question from a fellow grower:

I have 2 indoor weed plants that are 8 inches tall .I’m not to sure of the strain but they have 3 leaves is that natural ? They are in the pre flower stage I think

Pretty much all weed plants have 3 leaf leaves at some point in the early life cycle. If you mean it has 3 different sets of leaf stems coming off the central meristem (main central “trunk”)and so it has 3 sets of leaves on different sides of the plant instead of just two sets, one each on opposite sides on the meristem, then you have something special, it won’t necessarily be any stronger than any other weed because of this, but it could have more flower sites because if it and it could be a big yeilder. This is a little rare but not necessarily that unusual.

Hey Mac G I got a question for you about this topic and I will try to keep it as short as possible.
I finally got a second tent setup at my father’s house due to space limitations at mine,4 days ago I germed 50 seeds in order to do a sog grow,while trying dwc for first time at my house,out of the seeds that have popped and came through the soil I noticed a 3 cotyledon plant,just one,but my question is with my plans of doing a sog do you think I should take this special plant back to my house and run the full veg cycle on it or should I just keep it in the sog grow? What would MacGyverStoner do?lol

It is kind of rare, so I probably would separate that one, if you want to experiment with it, especially because you don’t really take advantage of any unusual branching in a SOG, since a wide branching plant is not really the point in SOG.


That’s what I was thinking too,just wanted to hear an experts opinion.I would like to grow this girl out big just to see what it does and how it yields,who knows if I will ever be lucky enough to get another one, so I’m gonna let it grow hopefully big and beautiful.thank you as always my friend.

I have a 3 cotyledons auto. Is this bad/good?

i thought cotyledons were just the first set of leaves to appear? 2right?