Marijuana Miracle Grow


A question from a fellow grower:

I recently started a grow in miracle grow dirt . can I use miracle grow plant food as well or will that burn them?


I used Miracle Grow potting soil last year for an outside grow and didn’t have any problems with it. I also used the Miracle Grow fertilizer for tomatoes during the veg stage and the one for blooms during the flowering stage.


I posted a long and more specific question in the beginners section, the fertilizer area, concerning proper dosage of powdered or other for a gallon of water, the experienced known amounts, 1/2 teaspon, full teaspoon, a tablespoon, etc, per gallon of water, it is like a internet myth of how much to really use, and I don’t have enough plants to experiment with and kill off a few, I had already over nuted them a month ago with miracle grow, but I had overwatered too, so I was unsure.


I use Miracle grow moister control and have had great results. The soil dose have nutrients in it so if you use it be careful not to over use nutrient them




Nice plant what kind is it?


Sorry I misunderstood and wanted to delete my 2 cents worth! Lol Mike