Marijuana meal prepping

Yesterday I did my first feeding. FF big bloom at 25% strength. I dont know how long it usually takes folks to get their water ph’d but being my first time, it took a few shots to get her dialed in to 6.5.

While I was spending all this time I got to wondering if I could just measure out and ph all the feedings for the week and keep them stored dark and cool.

Is it just best to feed fresh solutions or is it really going to hurt to have them mixed a few days ahead?

You can mix it up and keep it for a week. Just make sure you shake it or mix it up and test the ph before u pour it in to double check to make sure the ph hasn’t changed


Wouldn’t the ph stay the same? The solution isnt changing is it? Or does the solution breakdown or something?

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I dont premix usually so I have no clue the only time I do is for seedling when I mix up clonex solution and great white myko. It should stay the same but doesn’t hurt to double check before using

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Very true, better to check and make sure. But hopefully as I do it more often I get better at phing my solutions. So maybe I’ll just stick with mixing at feeding time.

Thanks for the feedback!

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With fox farms, mix and use immediately. Big bloom is organic and just a macro nutrient so you can mix just that, save and ph before use but if you’re adding grow big or tiger bloom or any of the dry nutes, use the same day you mix.


Great info! I think I may just mix fresh when I can.
But if and for whatever reason I may need to mix ahead, I’ll keep this in mind.

As always, thanks for your feedback!

I have had some stay in the 5 gallon jug all week and stay a perfect 5.8( i grow in coco) and I’ve had some in the res that keeps creeping up i don’t know if its the exposure to oxygen from the airstone or microbes maybe in my pump. I’m guessing its the bacteria and oxygen so if keep sealed and out of the light an a cleaned container ph will stay more stable

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I’ve noticed that the room temp of where you’re storing helps dictate the ph change in already made solutions.
Happy Growing!!