Marijuana loving spider mites

A question from a fellow grower:

Got a spider mite problem and I’m about 2/3 weeks away from harvest what can I use to kill them without using chemicals or anything that could harm the bud.

This is the product I use for My Family, Animals, Greenhouse, and grow room to eradicate spider mites. Read the entire description and uses. Full of nutrients, edible. Good stuff:)

AThis product is applied with a garden duster to the underside of the leaves. Before harvesting, you will have to give the plants a shower in tepid water and place in an open space with a lot of fans and air circulation to dry the plant out efficiently. :slight_smile: Not as much work as it sounds, but you have to have really good air movement in your space to Insure that you proactively shut down any chance of mold or mildew to developing. :slight_smile:

Get a small spray bottle and fill it with a 50/50 mix of hydrogen peroxide and distilled water. If you have neem oil/ or can get some; add a couple ml’s to the mixture, shake and spray. Other than taking the plant outside and hosing it off, or in the winter- the shower… Theyre the hardest thing ive had to get rid of without poison.
Try the peroxide neem oil mix, i use it on my plants and it smokes fine. Focus on the fan leave joints, and the underside of leaves.

That does not work, and neem oil makes your herb taste like crap :frowning:

Give them a good spraying, especially under the leaves, with cold water. Repeat in 5 days. Try and do this before lights go out. Good luck with that.

Nuke Em! Stuff is great. Doesn’t smell like Neem. And dries fast. Just don’t spray under lights. I spray a couple of hours before lights off. Read the strength directions carefully and mix according to your infestation problem. Every 3 days for the first week or two then every 2 weeks for prevention. They say to use up to harvest but I’d shy from that advice. The best thing is to stay on top of it. Constantly switch the mix/ product. Nuke/ Power Wash, etc. Again, depending on your infestation.

I just found a bunch of spider mite eggs under one of my big fan leaves. Damn things. I used DE all over the plant and the pots they’re in. Will DE kill them? The plants are only about 5 weeks old.