Marijuana lost its smell?


A question from a fellow grower:

I have a grow tent in My closet. I didn’t pay attention to the fact that the Ona was in My closet and my plants have lost their smell. My question is…should I throw them out and start over or will the smell come back???


Do our plants look healthy? What is an Ona?

I have had planys smell excellent, then lose fragance in the past, but it did not affect the overall potency of the plant.

If you mean an Ionizer…You cannot run an Ionizer in the same room as plants.


Ona gel is an absorbing gel for odor, very very effective.

There are apparently different ideas about running ionizers in the same room with your plants, I have read that some commercial grows claim it improves plant development, however I have yet to see any comparisons or studies that explain why. I have not tried it one way and then the other to say from personal experience. And I myself only run an ionizer on the outgoing or exhaust so the ionized air does not directly come in contact with my plants.

I think the smell will come back after you do a proper cure.