Marijuana lighting 1 hour flash

A question from a fellow grower:

Have you ever heard of doing a 1 hour flash half way through the 12
hour night shift and actually cutting the light on cycle to 10 hours on
in flower by cutting back at 15 minutes per day? So when you reach 14
hours of night, the timer should be then set to come on after 6.5 hours
of dark for an hour .

Yes and NO.

It is common practice for growers to reduce the photo period to 10/14 in order to finish a plant sooner. A lot of Sativa growers use 12/12 throughout the entire grow, and finish with 10/14.

I actually like to start my plants at 16/8 for veg, then after 2 weeks reduce PP to 15/9 for 2 weeks, then 14/10 for 2 weeks, and finally down to 13/11 for the last 2 weeks before flower transition to 12/12.

This method allows the plant to stretch as it matures instead of all at once after transition phase. :slight_smile:

I do not believe in odd, “lights off” periods before during or at finish for plants.