Marijuana legalization is sweeping states from Virginia to New Mexico. The writing is on the wall

First time poster. I have been lurking and reading a lot. Planning my first grow, but my first post is about policy and the laws.

Specifically, here in VA, legalization has occurred but in a fairly strange way.

A bill was passed for legalization in 2024 with a slow buildup allowing the distribution and retail parts to ramp up over a couple of years. But then the law was amended so that legalization takes effect on July 1st of THIS YEAR.

So until dispensaries open up, every person is allowed up to 4 plants on a home grow. People in VA are mostly just confused. A big deal has been made that we are the first southern state to legalize and while this is technically true, VA is kind of like three or even four different states. Charlottesville is really different from say… Falls Church, VA and Norfolk is really different from Bristol. I happen to live in the more rural “southern” part of the state where stigmas against MJ are still very strong and prevalent.

So the point of this post I guess is to provide this great VOX article on how it’s just a matter of WHEN and not IF legalization occurs on the federal level - AND to also see if there are any other Virginia peeps here that are interested in discussing what’s going on with the laws here.

For those in other states, VA has has a medical program that has been percolating for a few years but has only recently blossomed into something robust and viable. I am a medical MJ patient and am able to have edibles and oil/tinctures delivered to my door, which is amazing for now.

I’m just really looking forward to starting my own grow! I will continue to lurk in the grow forums and read about others’ experiences… good and bad to decide things like how big my grow is and what type of equipment to use,

This forum is really awesome as far as everyone being friendly and helpful as well as patient. I’m looking forward to posting my grow journal but I’m going to go heavy on reading and research so I can stand on the shoulders of the talented growers here (and elsewhere) so that I (hopefully) don’t make any stupid rookie mistakes.

Here is the VOX article


Personally I still find this to be true in any state that has legalized. It will be this way as long as people still judge people. It’s not my business what anyone’s growing, tomatoes or cannabis, doesn’t affect my life if my neighbors grow either.

I kind of hope it does, and I kind of hope it doesn’t. We could possibly face a federal tax on top of a state tax, and probably more restrictions. Either are not better.

Seriously though, I am glad to see another state to legalize a “plant”, which makes no sense to be illegal in itself at all.


I couldn’t agree more… on every point.

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@An4h0ny I read this post many times ago. Your first post must be great. Thanks for sharing this to remember my past.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I went VA Tech and I had a rural VA roommate that hated us for smokin weed in the dorm. He hated a lot of things.

Although legalization is a step in the right direction, I think it untrue to myself to applaud legalization or even decriminalization of something that was never wrong in the first place.

They’re doing it for revenue and nothing is really different. The same guy who wanted us all in jail with his 1990s crime bill is a vaccine pushing POTUS now. Roll up your sleeve, everything will be just fine. For a few months at least.

If I am toeing the political line, I’m sorry. G’day.

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