Marijuana legalization and decriminalization

I see TN legalizing medical marijuana first. That will be a big step. Hopefully total legalization will come soon afterword. Our neighbor, Missouri, has gone legal. Decriminalizing marijuana I will make a lot of room for those that need to be iñ prison. I see all kinds of good things happening when it becomes legal nationwide. There will be grow seminars,. Conventions, swap meets , local grow clubs and more. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to dream!


has it been passed?


Not yet

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Never mind marijuana, no drug ‘crime’ should result in prison. In general the prison-industrial complex doesn’t solve anything. As long as prisons are for profit, it will continue prey upon the marginalized, poor, and most vulnerable of society.


It’s gonna take a lot of people calling their senators for one thing. That’s something I need to do too. Biden mentioned months back something about legalizing . Haven’t heard anymore about it.

I agree with you as long as no violence is committed.

IMO meth crosses the line. If you deal meth you read yourself out of the human race.


Violence, death and meth go hand in hand.


Probably the only good thing that would result from legalization of all drugs would be the end of black market.

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Let’s go ahead and add Heroin/Fentanyl dealers as well. After finding my daughter overdosed in our spare bathroom tub, they don’t rank too high on my list.


I agree completely. Anyone who profits from the misery of others should pay the price.

Judge: “I sentence you to death. Bailiff: carry out the sentence. We’ll wait here.”


This fentynol crisis is bidens fault if you ask me. He opened the border.

I wish I could say it’s his fault but truly it’s been happening way before he took office. His stance just seems to have made it way worse than it was.


My understanding is that most of the fentynol is coming from China and he isn’t doing anything about it just like he did with the coronavirus.

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I believe China is trying to take over our country anyway they can… first, their coronavirus killed millions. Now their killing our young with fentanyl.

With full legalization and a country that dealt with social issues and mental health issues there would not be a need for meth dealers.
Take money spent on policing and prison and use it to make the world a better place


100% agree but my mind immediately goes to corporate fat cats…


I read something on ig that mentioned that the us legalizing mj would put the us in violation of a no drug treaty with the U.N. if thats legit us legal weed my never happen. It said the u.n. is pressuring the u.s to force states to epeal all recreational legalization. Who knows?

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That would really. ẞuçk . I have high hopes of legalization. What about Switzerland? Are they in the uñ¿

I read the article that Marijuana Mommemt did reagarding the UN rule on pot, seems like more reefer madness. My friends in Canada are UN members and, well…

" The federal Cannabis Act came into effect on 17 October 2018 and made Canada the second country in the world, after Uruguay, to formally legalize the cultivation, possession, acquisition and consumption of cannabis and its by-products ."

Cheers/Pens up :canada: