Marijuana leaves turning yellow and curling downward?

A question from a fellow grower:

I am new to growing, and am doing it for the hobby sense. It is
pretty fun so far. However I am running into sort of a problem. My
leaves are turning yellow, and the leaves are curling downward. It is
spreading throughout all three plants.

They are in fox farm soil inside a
5 gallon paint bucket. They all have been in the buckets for almost a
week now. I was watering them everyday until two days ago. I was told
that the ph levels were obsolete since I am using good soil.

I haven’t fed them nutrients since transplanting them. I am wondering since being a
newbe at this maybe me watering them throughout the day maybe if caused
the situation. If you know of or have a suggestion I am open to all
ears. Thank you and have a good day

PH levels are NOT obsolete, they are mandatory for the roots to be able to soak up nutrients. Too high or low, the plant will die. 6.5 in soil.

Watering them every day can also kill them.

  1. New Fox Farm soil shouldn’t need nutrients added till flowering.
  2. Only water the plant when it’s thirsty. Those of us who’ve drowned plants before have a couple of ways of telling when they’re thirsty. The leaves droop, the pot feels light, etc. The hard part is they’ll also droop when they have too much moisture.
  3. Although Fox Farm soil is “ph balanced” your water needs to be around 6.5 as well or you can throw that off.

Hope this helped.

I’m a newbie two but I do know 2 things for sure,you ALWAYS wanna check your soil ph regularly,and watering them everyday isn’t good unless your just under watering and the soil is drying out quick which is making you water them thing I’ve learned from everyone on here is take some time to do a little research and definitely read roberts blogs as much as possible

Good Advice. When you say paint bucket…Do you mean this bucket had paint in it originally?