Marijuana leaves are canoeing downwards. Please help

I am about 4 and half weeks into flowering and about 1 week ago, 1 of my plant’s leaves started to canoe downwards. It’s gotten worse ever since. At first I thought it could just be nitrogen toxicity but I’m feeding all my plants the same amount and the other ones are doing fine! Then I thought maybe it could be wind burn as I do have one small fan in the tent. Please help.! Also, I use happy frog medium and floranova nutes. image|374x500


Welcome Check pH meter make sure that it’s calibrated correctly get a run off and check pH and start eliminating from there. Good luck

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  • Blue dream
  • Regular Happy Frog potting soil
  • It grows in a 5 gallon fabric pot
  • I use a color solution for ph testing my water. I always make sure my water is in the 6-7 ph range. However, I have not tested my runoff yet… I will test that the next time I water.
  • The ppm range I’m at right not according to a feeding chart is around 600-800ppm of Flora Nova Bloom nutes.
  • Indoor
  • 600W grow light
  • About 68 degrees day and night
  • Ventilation system; Yes, 4’’ fan

the color solution is not accurate and you honestly can not go by the feeding chart to determine your ppm. You need meters.
It looks like nitrogen toxicity too me.


Okay, thank you. What do you mean I need meters and do you suggest flushing again then?

Good PH meter and PPM meter


When did you last flush? Yes you need to get a good ph meter and a good ppm/tds meter. You can find them fairly inexpensive on Amazon. OR in this link here.

Welcome to the forums!!


I flushed about 2 weeks ago. And thank you for the help!:smile:

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dang Hungry, u have expensive taste…
i do too.! LOL.!!


Gavin, what is your watering schedule.?
how do u determine when they need water.?
how long ago did her leaves start to curl.?

looks like she is suffering from root problems,
look for insects, on the plant and in the ‘soil’.!!

this sounds unbelievable, r u sure your thermometer is working.?


Welcome to the forum! I think you have some pretty solid advice so far. Ph getting out of control can cause major problems.

I agree you appear to be pretty rich in nitrogen, but also appears to be signs of magnesium deficiency. That could be ph related too, but I’m wondering if you have the whole flora series lineup or just the one bottle?

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I water every other day. Also, I water when the soil is dry and when I can dip my finger in the soil and have nothing stuck to my finger when I pull it out. They started to curl about 2 weeks ago… and I’m not entirely sure about the thermometer thing, I’ll have to check that. And yes, that was my next guess is that she is having root problems. I hope that is not the case…

Thats not what i use, and a GOOD PH Pen is very important.

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agreed, that is why i spent $100 on a Blue Lab pen.!!
a couple $50 pens do good also.!

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I just got this meter not too long ago and I love it. One point calibration and it settles fast on ph value…

SX610 Waterproof pH Pen Tester,…


they may be suffering from ‘wet feet’,
the bottom of the pots r not drying out enough,
the top of the pots dry quickly, when we water gravity pulls it to the bottom,
the top dries out but the bottom is still wet.!

either judge by weight, lifting the pots, or…
get a cheap moisture meter,
measure at the bottom of the continers,
only water/feed when the meter reads ‘dry’.!!


Did you flush because they were curling, or did the curling happen after the flush?
Did you pH the water for the flush?
How much water did you run through the soil and did you use a flushing agent like sledgehammer or florakleen?

Is the soil currently wet?

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This ones mine, i luv the thing.

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