Marijuana harvesting question

A question from a fellow grower:

Claire, will the white widow when it gets closer to harvest
I’m within a week but haven’t seen the red hairs develop and I didn’t
label these ones. Am I right to be thinking these ones will display less
of that?

I’m not sure about this question, maybe the owner can clarify.

The same advice as in this other recent white widow harvesting might be applicable:

I have 2fast 2vast autoflower she will be 8 weeks old on sunday 5-3-15 this is my first auto so should I start to cut back on fan leaves or let them die on their own and watch for all the same signs as I would a reg. plant

I would say that as long as fan leaves are still green, leave them on. Pull only if are yellow and will not help on your grow. It is a weed, so just let it go, she knows what to do.

They will go to amber when ready. You may still have 2 weeks to go, so watch carefully, so not to go too far. Amber is the color of the start of degrading, but still couch like if harvested when 1/2 are amber. Cloudy is for a uppity buz, so depends on what your looking for personally.

I wasn’t sure about the way the question was asked, not about the amber, if you follow the link I posted I describe many aspects of other factors that are related to finishing.

But thanks for contributing.