Marijuana grow set up

From a fellow grower:

Hi, I read the bible and i am interested in re-starting a grow-op. About a year ago I tried hydroponics and it worked okay but was a pain in the ass then one day the ph got screwed up and killed the entire 15 plants I had. I had left that apartment about a month after and went back home. And now here in June/July I will be moving and restarting a grow op again. I will be moving back into an apartment but have a few questions about growing.

In the past i used a standard HID bulb, but doing some research it appears as though those bulbs start to break down as soon as you turn them on due to the micro welds inside the bulb. I have contacted a few hydro stores trying to find the best hood for a 1 light grow room that after about a year I will switch to 3 lights if i find a house.

I was looking at the gravita and the magnum XXXL, or adjust a wing all double ended bulbs. But one hydro store said gavita are for greenhouses and put out a lot of downward heat. Yet another store said they would work just fine indoors. And I also read the adjust a wings put more light on the outside and are better for veg (I will use T5’s). On my old hood I was use to an AC hood which made eliminating the smell easy, but both the magnum and gravita are not AC… Or atleast the gravita doesn’t come in that version. Would you suggest a XXXL 8", 6" AC non AC? Over the gravita? And if so would luminox AC ballast or non AC ballest 240v work better then a galaxy 240v or 270v? Is 270v too high for those?

I’m just worried about the heat, I don’t want to burn down an apartment, and I don’t want to kill the crop. Would buying a non AC hood and just putting an exhaust fan in the room blowing air into a carbon filter work just as fine?

And a co-worker at a collective i use to work at said I should use Fasilitor by aptus in veg and weeks 1-5 in bloom following heavy 16 feeding schedule (and use Tupurs coco mix orange bag as my soil), but never gave me any info on other nutrients. Are there any key nutrients you’d suggest for veg and bloom without breaking the bank?

And lastly SEEDS. Seeds of all things are what make the bud. In the past I have used clones every time because I am a beginner grower. I’ve tried germinating seeds I’ve found in bud but I have never had any luck (most likely because they weren’t mature).

I like the stock you provide online but I am curious as too what would be best in a 1 light grow room. I have my medical card as I am in a state where we are allowed to grow. But what is the difference between your indoor seeds and your medical seeds?

I will i most likely try to top the plants and tie them down kind of like “Sea Of Green” in 5gal buckets to utilize space (unless there is another way let me know). I love sativas but since it will be a year lease I feel like I need to produce as much bud as possible i think indices would be the way to go and just buy the sativas from a collective garden.

OR… Unless there’s a seed you’d suggest that’s a high yielding hybrid and grows fast. I’m a huge fan of any “Jack/herrer, horror, ripper, cleaner, ect.”, “headband”, “vortex”, “blue dream”, “Durban poison”, “sweet island skunk”, “trainwreck”, “Girl scout cookies”, “alaskin thunder fuck”, “northern lights”, any cheese", “strawberry cough”, “skywalker”, G-13, “Death Star”, “sensi star”, “Willis wonder”, “chocolope”, “white widow ONLY IF ITS GROWN GOOD”, “Dairy Queen” and so on…

And since I’ve only grown clones like chemdawg, “which practically grows itself”… I was wondering if you could point me in the direction I’m looking to go.

So recap—some experience in growing hydro (no luck),this next grow im switching to Tupurs coco mix orange bag. I’ve only used clones never seeds so I’m skeptical about how they would turn out. As well as not getting sinsemilla by not distinguishing males from females in time. Wondering what the best seed for quick, sea of green growing would be; and I’m wondering what the difference between medical and indoor seeds are, as well as a good suggestion for hybrids or high to very high yielding plants would be that are fairly easy to take care of.

Any informations will be GREATLY appreciated

Once you have the urge to set up your own private grow area, a lot of the decisions fall on you. Where I see you making a mistake right off the bat, is that you quoted everyone else’s opinion aside from yours. I actually has to stop reading your post.

No matter how many sites you visit or people you ask; You will get different opinions. You need to find someone, or a site that you trust. Upon completing this major task, you decide what style of growing you wish to master. Hope this helps :slight_smile: