Marijuana grow room sativa question


A question from a fellow grower:

What is the best way of growing sativa in small spaces?
How many plants can I have in a tent thats 120x120x200, with a 600W hps?
And is it true that more light=bigger yield? (Is it any point in hanging up light tubes along the walls in addition to the hps on top?)


I have the exact same questions about sativa in small spaces.

Is it difficult to get a good yield then? And can I use a freezer as a starting growcabinet? (Not running of course, but the inside is covered with a reflective material, and it is easy to ceep closed/fix ventilation i think.?)


To grow Sativa successfully in a small space; You must 1st shorten the veg period to 14/10. 2nd Grow in small pots, 1 gallon - 6 liter, with 3 gallon being the largest.
In order to start and finish more Sativa in a small area. Grow in smaller pots, and limit the lenght of the photo period.


I had the same question as I have ordered amnesia from ILGM, and that’s the answer i was looking for latewood have you grown amnesia from ILGM before? If so any advice? Cheers


To: Brendan.d.h86

No I have not. Glad to help. Look me up if you need any guidance. Peace.lw


I agree with latewood. As far as your dimensions, you need to specify feet, inches, cm, mm, I assume they are cm as that might work for a 600w HPS and not be overkill. Most people in the USA use square feet when thinking about the amount of watts for HPS or MH high intensity discharge lights and so 600watts might work as well if the dimensions are in inches. But then again, if using the old antiquated engish system instead of metric like us americans like to do, lol, then most would be using square feet again, and for that many square feet one 600watt buld would not be enough.