Marijuana grow room inquiry


A question from a fellow grower:

I’ve been in the process of it investigating high pressure sodium for an upgrade of my lighting system .I’ve been on eBay, Amazon,yeild lab,in my local vendor Agromax…all the prices are reasonably around the same amount,but I am looking for a complete package ,with lighting ,air vent,tents…ect…I wanna get a four foot by 4 foot tent with 600watt hps/Mh…possibly 5by 5…tent…in previous grows ive had 3ft by 3ft tent with CFL.42w bulbs…worked out well…but i want to produce MORE.
my question to you is what should I upgrade to as far as lighting…like I said before I’ve been on Amazon I’ve been on eBay I see a lot of good reviews I also see a lot of bad reviews so now I’m confused …for example there are a lot of lighting systems out there Apollo is one I power ,yeild lab has nice 600 watt set for $645.00 complete even soil…vurtual sun,and ulti-lumenx…a lot of different brands out there in a lot of different comments .
basically I would like your opinion as far as your experience with lighting,hood and ventilation, what would be the best situation for 4x4 tent,wanting to produce up to 5-10oz.


You can easily get more than 10 oz in a 4x4 tent with just about any 600 watt HPS light system. Maxing your yield has most to do with training and keeping your plant/s healthy through the entire life cycle.

You can find the techniques to maximize your yield here:

Feel free to come back with any other questions.


My comment is do you research, check it against what Robert has written in his articles, and then take your best shot. We all learn by doing. I’ve been at it since the Stone Age, and I learn something every grow. Usually something every week. And keep good records of what you do. Amount of water/nutes given, pH, the whole nine yards. That way you can go back and fine tune things. And check yourself against the good articles on the WEB. Best wishes on your upgrade, and try to remember it is supposed to be fun and enjoyable! If you need to be uptight and freaked out, get a job at Walmart. :wink:



I bought a 400 watt auto switchable “Ipower” last year. I love it. Came complete with an economy hood, 2 hangers (adj.), a MH bulb/lamp, and an HPS lamp. The ballast automatically determines which bulb you are using and powers it up. No switching no worries. Also; It allows you to switch from 400 watts down to 300w, and again down to 200 watts. All you have to do; Is turn off the lamp and let it cool, then switch to the power level you want.

I bought my 400w Ipower for a 4’ x 4’ x 7’ grow tent. If you get the 600 watt Ipower; I am sure you will be very happy with the versatility for such a great price. :smiley:

As for a fan apckage; Just shop for a Vortex fan. They make an economy level now that is really inexpensive, but just a bit noisier than the top line Vortex units. You need a 4" or 6" with matching carbon filter. I have 6" ventilation.

Good Luck


Thanks for the personal recommendation, 'wood. I definitely will be getting a HPS in the near future, and there is nothing like having a friend tell you of their good experience with any equipment.




I am really old school, but I started out learning and doing Hydro. I intentionally did things that led to issues in order to learn, and not just be told. Quickly I was asked to moderate at Mforums.

I guess I am telling this story to make you even more assured. I had an inside avenue to a major contributor to testing Digital lighting, when it 1st came out. It was sad…actually. The most expensive and touted brands were blowing up, or blowing bulbs, and I swore against them.

When I bought my tent; I decided to get a 400w HPS. AFTER shopping around the entire W3; I came to the conclusion that I would but Ipower. The cheapest all the way around. Came with everything for just over 100 bucks. MH and HPS…Damnnnnnnnn!!!

Hope yours gives you as good a service as mine. I got lucky, and saved $$$ :smiley:


I appreciate the back-story; however, you should know, I am already firmly convinced, from reading what you, 'Mac and Robert have written, that you three are not only knowledgeable, but that you are all three adults. None of this ‘my way is the only way’ or ‘if you don’t use Madagascar Monkey Piss you’re stupid’ kind of crap. I’ve been a teacher most of my life - in the Army, as a TA in University, teaching G’tar for 40 years - and you all are quite obviously really concerned about passing on what you know (paying it forward), and helping people become self-sufficient. Cannabis is sacred to me, is about the only thing that has kept me semi-sane most of my life (I better NOT hear any laughing at the back of the room, kids!). They only aspect of it that I have never liked much is the $ end of things. It can drag this most beautiful of gifts from the Universe down into ‘Walmart/Wall Street Land’. I know not everyone will have the ability to, or the willingness to, learn to provide for themselves, but it is my fervent wish that as many as can, will. I grew almost all our own food for 15 years - meat, veggies, herbs- and it may sound like hippy-dippy talk, but there is something different about feeding your body something you grew yourself, with your own hands. It feeds your body and your soul, as well. AND, is there anything better than knowing you can take care of yourself without trading pieces of dirty green paper? Whether it’s plumbing, or fixing the roof, or growing your own medicine, simply knowing you can do these things, and, most importantly, knowing that you can learn to do what any other man was capable of doing, is a feeling of security and empowerment that can’t be bought with money. I’m terribly glad I found you guys, because the one thing that is difficult to have is too much good information. Alright, enough of my sermonizing.
Hydro - I tried, but never got the hang of it. Good information was a lot harder to come by in the '70’s and '80’s. I think (I hope) I am finally getting a hold on the coir tech. What I was doing wrong was thinking soil/soil-less, and it really is a hydro situation, although, thanks to the coir, a more forgiving environment. I was flushing yesterday to correct pH on my ten day old Autos, and I saw a few beautiful, pure white, healthy as can be roots down at the bottom of my 4 gal fabric containers, so all is well here in the desert. I jumped at the coir/autos/LED’s after my forced 10 year hiatus, because all these are brand new to me. So I think we share that, as well. That is to say, challenging ourselves, not staying in the same ‘box’, but reaching out to find, and master, the new, the different. In my head, it is never will I succeed at ‘X’, but rather when I will. :wink:


Well, I found the 400 watt ipower on Amazon for 108 bucks. It’s in my cart.
Question - you are using metal halide for veg, and switching to HPS for flower, correct? This is what I always used to do, but I wanted to ask you, to see if the technology has changed in the past decade, unbeknownst to me. Thanks, Bro!



No Jodie; Things have not changed. Blue is still Blue, and Red is still Red. :smiley: yuk ykk ykuk


Feel free to chuckle at me if it seems right. I do so most all of every day! I’ve been researching and reading-up more hours a day than most people work, and (has this ever happened to you? :wink: as soon as I hit ‘send’, I thought it might have not been a very worthwhile question. When is Google or somebody going to come up with a ‘retrieve stoopid email’ software?? At least you didn’t flame me. I worry about the people on the forums who claim to grow and smoke weed that STILL have anger issues. Dude, chill. Seriously, chill out. As always, thanks for holding Granny’s hand, young man.
Short old person ‘war story’ - yesterday, when we we talking about the ipower rigs, I remembered getting my very first lights. Back then, the cops were, I am not making this up, tracing orders from the few grow outlets there were, and busting people that way. My first several lights, I went to a regular electrical supply house, bought ordinary 1000 watt warehouse-type lights, went home, and separated the ballast from the fixture. Made my own reflectors.
Next week maybe I’ll tell you about when I met the guy who invented the wheel. (tee-hee).

Stay safe, stay happy, stay loved


Totally off topic but i am glad there is another long-winded short old person on this forum (Jodie) who, more than likely, lives near by… here in central New Mexico - land of the grasshopper apocalypse… but due to my paranoia at even being on this (or any) MJ web site I can never show you mine if you show me yours. hahaha


Thanks for the shout out, girl. I’m a little South of you. You needn’t be paranoid, in my humble. Even if you don’t have your card (sweet jesus, getting a card, what a pain in the butt! What are poor people supposed to do if you don’t have the hundreds of dollars to pay Dr’s to verify something that is already established in you med records? I’m headed to the Bay Area in August, to see one of my Daughter for a while. In Cali. you just pay your 100 bucks, and get the damned card, all in about 15 minutes) possession of an oz or less here is less than a Misdemeanor. They give you a ticket, like a traffic ticket. Here’s my take on New Mexico, and I have only been here 3 months. There has got to be tons, and I mean literal tons and tons of every kind of dope moving up the only North/South route in this State. It seems unlikely that the Cops would concern themselves with someone growing their own weed. They follow the money, always. I suspect, although I haven’t read-up on it (I’m an Attorney, not in practice) that medical necessity is a solid defense as far as State law is concerned, card or no card. Selling it is another matter, however.
One of the main reasons I moved here is that I have both physical and Psychiatric need for weed. But, it never once entered into my head that there wouldn’t be dispensaries!! Is that stupid, or what? I even imagined (I can be quite naive at times) that there would be some kind of compassionate care networks, some place to go to get hooked up. Boy was I wrong. So Gramma, if she has need, has to go out and find what she needs on the street. It’s a legal medicine and it damn well ought to be available. And I mean in the g-damn pharmacy, not in some pot shop. Just my two cents worth.
Legally speaking, as long as you just talk in general terms about growing a plant that is legal for card holders you are utterly safe to participate here. In fact, it gets on my nerves that more people don’t participate. I’ve been on several trans support sites, and the trolls, by the hundreds, just watch, like voyeurs, never contributing. Everybody has at least one piece of the puzzle, and nobody has them all.
Did I mention I love to yack? :wink: At any rate, it’s nice to hear from you.
Stay safe, stay loved



Janea (cool name, BTW), IF you should happen to know anyone who grows and is paranoid, check out the stuff available at this site -

In particular, look for the rolls of stuff that eliminates any thermal heat signature which comes off HID and HPS lights. Pretty cool stuff, I think. Peace of mind for a nominal cost.



My two cents… 600 watt HPS is the most efficient of any of the wattages of HIDs and is perfect for a 5’x5’ area, it is entirely possible, with a lot of grower’s talent – keeping the plant healthy through its entire life-cycle and trained, super cropped and pruned, ScrOGed and/or SOGed – to get 1 gram per watt, and so – yes, 600 grams (more than 1.3 pounds) under this light in a 5 foot by 5 foot area. You could get about the same results with about 450-500 watts of properly ratio-ed high power LEDs in the same floor space. Some new HPS have a better spectrum control and many people find it not necessary at all to have two different lights, even with the old spectrum. This could save a bit in start-up costs.


Geez, Mac’, you are my muse. No way I can thank you enough for the mental stimulation you are providing me. My overarching goal is to get to 1 gram per watt per grow as quickly as I can. You and ‘wood and Robert are really stoking the flames of my creative processes. Before my spinal cord damage, i was a hell of a good Jazz guitar player. Hangin’ with you guys reminds me of the nights when I would find myself on stage with the real monster players. Those were the times I progressed the fastest, cuz I was being challenged. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time and energy to share with me. Very good, very positive energy.



Since you brought it up. I will share a link with you. I wrote this years ago for another couple of sites when I 1st started mentoring online.


Since you brought it up. I will share a link with you. I wrote this years ago for another couple of sites when I 1st started mentoring online. 1000 watt HPS raw ballast build


Nice, saving money building your own is always awesome!

However 1000 watt is overkill for a 5 foot by 5 foot or smaller area. It would be much more difficult to get a gram per watt under 1000 watt HPS.

Not only that, most 600 watt HPS are more efficient than most 1000 watt HPS. Ten 600 watt HPS bulbs, evenly spread out in a larger grow area, would be more effective and efficient in Lumens/FLUX per watt than six 1000 watt HPS bulbs evenly spread out.

Although it might be easier to get 600 grams or slightly more in a 5’x5’ area with a 1000 watt HPS, but then you are not maximizing efficiency and you might be getting more per square foot but not more per watt. The extra expense on the electric bill may not be a big deal to you though, and also not that important to get the most yield per watt.

Also, the fact that you need four less bulbs with the 1000 watt bulbs might save you some start up costs in the short term and costs on future replacement bulbs in the long run.