Marijuana Grow Bible

I’ve ordered from ILGM this year and I just put my name and email address like it said to do for the book. Will I receive the book in my email like a PDF file or will it be an actual book sent in the mail? Thanks.

I received mine as a PDF file.

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Hey there EarlyPearl Welcome to ILGM

Check your email it should be there andi believe its in P nDF
I bought the hard cover years a go. lol



Thanks. I appreciate it.

if you don’t see it in an hour or less you mite check your junk box or spam Hammer

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I"ve ordered the Bible 3 times ,never got it yet, kinda upset, keep checking everywhere. I have found the Grow Guides as well as the Forum section to be Extremely helpful. Never seen so much help on any site.

Yeah it’s meant to come as an e mail, however for some reason it wouldn’t come to mine, not even my spam, when I contact ILGM I don’t get their replies, nor do I get order confirmation, but I have received 3 orders so far, 2 of seeds and 1 of the booster. 1 of the seed orders didn’t make it, I contacted ILGM, didn’t recieve their reply but I received the seeds 2 or 3 weeks later! I have no idea what is stopping the e mails getting to me, but I can’t be the only person in the world that doesn’t recieve them! Maybe I should get a gmail address and see if that makes a difference. Anyway, after trying to get the bible sent to me several times, I accepted I wasn’t going to recieve it so I asked Google, and i eventually found a pdf version.

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Nah def ain’t blocked it, I recieve the growing tip emails from Robert every few days and that’s it!

I can’t get the email either. I get all the other emails, including the shipping confirmation

signed up a gmail account, bible hasn’t come to that and said it was sent an hr ago. Wonder if I’ll get replies and confirmations in there…

I’m getting emails from ILGM but didn’t get the grow Bible and I checked my spam.

I’m now getting replies from ILGM customer support, but still no bible. But that’s ok as I already have it!

Add me to the list of people who are receiving all other e-mails from ILGM, but have tried multiple times to get the bible to no avail. Hate to complain because they’ve been so great with everything else.


I never got mine as well.

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I’m on gmail acct. , Havnt seen anything yet,proly tried at least three times if not more

Ok guys, after an hour or so I found where I got my copy.

The grow bible, and plant care guide are available there.

I was able to save it to iBooks as I use iPad, I hope this helps those that don’t recieve it and I hope ILGM are ok with me posting this! As it’s free, I’m assuming it will be ok. During my search I found a few copy’s for sale, Amazon sell a kindle copy for $0.99 and I also saw one for $9.99 and $14.99

If you have been on this site a while you will probably be disappointed by the bible as you have most likely read everything on here somewhere! My friend was paranoid about downloading it, he eventually downloaded it (he is gmail and he managed to get emailed the link!) and thought it didn’t really tell him anything he hadn’t read in the previous couple of weeks! But it is great to have it there as a book for reference now n then.


I didn’t get it the first time I requested it but I tried again with my gmail and responded to an email from Clair that I didn’t get it. I had it in 5 minutes after that. Saved the link to my iPad.

I wonder if pop up blocks could be affecting some of us.

Thanks Bevan, got em both !!!

thanx Bevan i just read all the post since i got home … was gonna see is my copy had a link i could manually copy … I don’t know how to post a link on this site … And Bevan it looks like customer support works even when their mite be a comp error some where… i use gmail and had it 5 minutes later ,But ordered mine months ago . and yeah the forum covers a lot … But the bible is a fast reference . JUST WISH HE’D MAKE IT HARD BACKED ID BUY 2 COPIES …HINT HINT Robert Bergman Sincerely Hammer.