Marijuana for insomnia


A question from a fellow grower:

I suffer from insomnia and other ailment’s
Which cannabis cures completely I am 46 years old with a high tolerance what seeds would u recommend.


Super Skunk is pretty strong and seems to be good for insomnia. K2 may work as well.

Check out our medical seeds and their descriptions here:


As fellow insomniac I was going to recommend super skunk as well. I’m on my third grow of it now and bought it specifically for insomnia. It gets me to around 5 hrs which is pretty good. Watch em good mine went from mostly clear to mostly milky in like a 5 days. Definitely helps tho.


@itsalwayssomething Thanks for Thur info, love your avatar!!!


Guess im hard core. I look for extreme thc & indica dominant in seed store. Just grew crystal (25%) great nighttime & have banana kush (27%), la confidential (25%), & Skywalker in tent. Read all info on lineage & see what fits your needs. You can filter all info at the site as well.


@itsalwayssomething @Laurap has got that covered that is what I was thinking as well love are members


Have you tried CBD?


Have you tried nootropics? It helped me very well to solve sleep problems. In addition, nootropics improved my memory, I really began to memorize many things. Nootropics also helped me focus better. Here, you can read more about nootropics. Try it, maybe it will help you