Marijuana for caribian light cycle

A question from a fellow grower:

I live in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico) and I will like to grow outdoor, which strain grow best in the caribbean light cycle?

A sativa dominant strain might be your best bet for being closer to the equator.

There is really not much difference regardless of where you grow, as long as you are keeping temperature, humidity and light cycles in consideration of your local conditions. Pretty much all cannabis strains are extremely adaptable, durable and resilient, autoflowers may be a little more delicate to hot temperatures, as well with some indicas, and Sativas may be a little more sensitive to colder temperatures, but otherwise they can be grown almost anywhere.

I live in Jamaica and i’m wondering if I put my plants outdoors in 5gallon buckets, with the natural light cycle (which goes from 6am until 6pm) how long will they stay in the vegetative state and when will they start flowering? would it be smart to “pre” grow them somewhere under a Fluorescent light until they get bigger and then move them outdoors?