Marijuana fertilizer NPK 7-7-7

A question from a fellow grower:

I have found a liquid fertilizer that has a NPK of 7-7-7 I was
thinking that this would be good in the veggie stage , am I right
to think this? For both my compost grown plants and my hydro set up
(just started to fiddle with Hydro)

IMHO you may want to consider a higher “N” for vegetative growth,more nitrogen is needed in this stage.Later when flowering starts,a nute with higher “P” and “K” and a lower “N” is needed.

The problem with that is that the PK which isn’t used as much till flowering could cause an overabundance. In soil that will end up causing the plants to look sickly. I’m not sure what if anything it will do to them in hydro.

You definitely will not be over feeding you plants. A balanced formula is good. I agree with some statements above concerned with it being more for seedlings. I do think this would be OK for a veg fertilizer. Try it, and see what happens.