Marijuana fertilizer advice wanted!

Who has some advice from this fellow grower:

I bought some vigoro all purpose 24-8-16 which calls for 1/2 tsp per gal of h20 fed every 14 days. I thought I would dilute to 1/4 tsp and feed weekly thru veg,then lower the N and up the P.
I have 400w MH & HPS.
I’m going to grow either 2 or 4 plants and clone regularly (washing machine, bubba kush and 2 other unknown indica strains. Scrog grow in a 3x6x7 closet, yeast/sugar fermentation continuous with occasional co2 bomb.
Heat and smell are issues of concern since I live in an apartment in SE Texas.
Hoping a.activated charcoal exhaust fan will do the smell. I could duct room AC into the closet, but that kinda blows the stealth aspect.
My goal is 12-16 oz per cycle with 24 x 46 scrog max. Is that reasonable?

NPK of 24-8-16 is not ideal for any growing season for cannabis. If you are going to use something off the shelf not specifically intended for cannabis, use something intended for tomatoes or something with a better balanced NPK of say 7-7-7, or maybe 18-18-21

I agree one hundred % Use a balanced nutrient, and follow the directions. diluting the mix below recommendations is just asking for complications down the road. :slight_smile: