Hello fellow growers. It came to my attention while talking to my sister that marijuana is being laced NY the Mexican Cartel they are Also lacing Heroin with this stuff.
This Carfentanil is made for taking down animals like The Elephant and The Hippo.
The stuff is so potent just getting it on you skin will make you high.
I feel I must say this that our family a love one to this stuff Kathy xxxx my nice to laced with this stuff
So please what everybody needs to do is to check the weed before you buy !

Here is some research on this deadly stuff just
follow this
And thank you for reading post



Thanks for posting brother interesting link

Not good! That’s why I want to grow it myself! How could you tell if your weed is laced?

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When you take one hit and you feel abnormal or get a different high

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Glad I know exactly where my buds come from and what their grown in!

It just doesn’t make sense to me, from a drug dealers stand point. Why poison or harm your buyers? Wouldn’t you want them to keep coming back lol? If I ever got laced weed I would tell everyone I could who and where I got it from.


When you take one hit and you feel abnormal or get a different high

…we used to have to pay extra for that ?!


PCP and paprika…I smoked some of that 45 years ago and got lost in a neighborhood that I had lived in for 6 years.


Sounds like fun @kabongster!!!

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I had a buddy lace a joint with pcp once. Never told me till I asked about it 4 days later when I was finally not high anymore. Was high for 3 days. Got caught by my parets cause of it. Wasn’t my friend after he told me about it. That was the scariest experience with pot that I ever had.


hmmmm, that’s just wrong by many standards…pcp is some intense stuff but I at least tried with some level of knowledge ahead of time and it was what I wanted back then.

Oh yah I was freaked out. Was in high school when this happened (pun kinda intended). Almost killed the guy when he told me. But I didn’t and warned my other friends about him an what he had done. An he was made an example of later on. Did something not so good to someone. But ya so now I am very careful where I get my stuff from. And it’ll be even better now that I have a lil grow going foe myself now.


Wow, that reminds me of K2 or spice, the so-called synthetic mj. Terribly tragic! Thanks for the heads-up.

That’s like the cheap brick weed. It’s been known to be sprayed with a mild form of Meth, giving the user a quick but small euphoric effect that quickly wanes. Not to mention pesticides etc and any and everything else it’s come in contact with.

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That’s crazy

Hello Garrigan 65,

Have a quick question ? if you had the time hoping you would please answer this for me.
When growing with your super soil recipe.
my question is , I’m using RO water ?
will I still need to replace the minerals lost in the RO procedure with cal mag ?

Any and all advice is so much appropriated.


lower than 100ppm will need to be supplemented with cal/mag to the 100-200ppm range before adding nutrients.

Thank You so much for your timely response. Is Cal mag safe or will it kill the beneficial bacteria’s ?
Or would it be wiser To add something more organic ? Oyster shells ,rock phosphors, Dolomite, etc. I’m just scared ! using ro water for the first time. Please forgive the pestering! It’s just after reading many of your posts and advice to other to learn that your knowledge is spot on!

Ocean 711

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Myself I would go with the Dolomite, And your not pestering me either lol
I tend to stay away from chemicals and stay organic as much as possible.

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Mahalo for ur kine advice garrigan65,
Could I or would it be ok to add with ur recipe 4 da compost teas the Dolomite ? With use it ever watering which is over 200 gallons of soil with ro water? Or just use it for watering only?

Thank you for thoughts!


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It’s mixed in with the soil but if you have left it out, ya mixing it with the water will help keep your P H in check
but not every watering maybe every 3rd or so