Marijuana aroma

the smell is not coming out at all it’s been in the jars for about a week and a half almost 2 weeks now and I don’t know how to get the aroma to come out the smell it used to have while it was growing. Are there any tricks I can use to get the aroma to come out any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Most likely, it’s been over dried. You can try bringing the moisture back up by adding various things to the jars. My preferred method is to put a folded, damp paper towel under the lid of the jar. I hold it there by using a square of mesh that I cut from an old window screen. Once you get the humidity back up to 60-65% you’ll notice those nice aromas coming back and you can then finish the curing process from there.


You most likely did dry it too much
Using 62% bovidia pack in the jars should help you out
They will not allow the bud to get over moist or over dry and will prevent mold from forming in jars due to high humidity

Also when your drying your harvest try to maintain 75 degrees at 55-60% humidity in drying room


Agreed, heat is your worst enemy, humidity is also an adversary in low drying temperatures, you want it to dry slightly quicker than any mold has a chance to establish. :wink:

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