Marijuana Aeroponic system


A question from a fellow grower:

I decicde to start a AEROPONIC System, M in africa so humidity is high,
My question is do i put soil or litlle rocks in the pots of the Aero system and what nutriments do u advice me to use


Soil is very likely not a good idea. Small stones can work, but I’d recommenced expanded clay pebbles (hydroton) as it is specifically made for hydroponic net pots/baskets. You could also use rough cut or large chunk coconut bark/coir or super coarse/very large piece perlite.

There are many good nutrients for hydroponics. In an aeroponic hydroponic system there are usually fine misters involved that may be prone to clogging with some organic nutrient mixes so you might want to go with something like General Hydroponics 3 part system. There are also some very good refined organic nutrients that may not clog up the misters very easily and you should likely do some research into what is easily available for you to acquire.

There is a very good organic nutrient formula Robert apparently recommends and it might work very well for you even in a aeroponic system. I personally haven’t had much experience with it yet so I don’t know for sure if it will work in your system. However you can look into this marijuana booster system and find out you answers here:


Great advice.

I learned how to make hydro solution form a s. African. I understand some of the drawbacks you face there.

I have used the following Nutrient systems in aeroponics. Some of these may not be available to you.
Botanicare - Pure Blend Pro, Liquid Karma, Cal mag+

General Hydroponics Flora series 3 - part. Cal mag + works greay in spray systems.

Dutch Master - Advance A & B, Max Bloom, Zone, Silica. Great stuff. Almost the same composition as my personal Custom mixes.

The Canna line is a good nutrient formula.

Bottom line; You have to see what is available locally. If you can buy from ebay or online; Your choices are endless. Peace