March Bud of the month 2018


2 months down and 10 to go it’s march 1st let’s get those beautiful girls up ! Make sure you please read the rules And remember it’s bud of the month not plant good luck everyone

February 2018 Bud of the Month Contest
Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues

Woohoo another month gone and a new one started
Hey folks just a few reminders
No tagging allowed until after voting is closed
And all entries must have order number with the picture
Here a link to the rest of the rules please take the time to read them if your not familiar with them

Good luck to all entries in advance
Happy Growing to all of our great members


Thanks Countryboyjvd1971 you beat me to it thanks for the help


I’ll go first:

Order #204511, Gold Leaf


anytime brother just trying to keep it civilized lol
Nice bogleg getting it off to a great start setting the bar high from jump street woohoo


Why not try a third time and enter my pride and joy Chocolope order #71689

Good luck to all participants :grinning::innocent::v:

~Al :v: :innocent:

P.s. Complementary information : this is a huge main cola, it’s 12" tall, 5" and a half wide at the base, :wink::laughing::grinning::innocent:


Nice Al try try again lol


I’ll give it another shot… White Widow Auto Order# 152346


Also will try again. This time, Chocolope order #208488


That’s very possible I did the same thing. I thought I already signed up when purchasing seeds but I didn’t. Once I did sign up I could see all the past order numbers.


Can you find shipping confirmation email the order number is in that ? Otherwise sorry not much can be done


My emails gets deleted after so many days. I’ve lost my email and couldn’t find my order number. I went to where I ordered the seeds and tried to log into my account. It said I didn’t have an account so I guess I didn’t open one when I purchased my first seeds. So I opened one, choose a password and logged into my account. I could now see all the orders I had placed with order numbers.


Thanks. That worked for me. Do the buds have to be on a growing plant? or, can they be buds i just harvested. lol


White Widow. Order #206555


Either way works. You can ask questions post pictures and tag people at the BOM chat room located here. We try to keep the conversation here to a minimum to make things easier for Latewood when determining a winner.


i’m going in again with a repeat of my Green Crack Order# 210406


WW order #174477


Amnesia auto order #209888


Here is my Sour D



Wow everyone is putting up some great looking pics . Been gone for a bit and it looks like congrats to a couple new mentors . Here is my paltry entry for this month it is a last years grow of Gold leaf order con# 159634