March 2017 Bud of the Month Contest


We apologize for the delay. March entries are open, and the dealine for entries is Midnoght March 21st EST

1Good luck to all of you, and let’s see some big buds :slight_smile:
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Thoughts from the Morning Garden
Thoughts from the Morning Garden

Harvested last month from my very first grow ever. Unknown variety: the only info I had was that it was some “dank a $$ stuff”!


To enter: You must show a picture of a plant or bud grown from seeds purchased from ILGM Seedbanks and affiliates.

So, Myfriendis410, you have to had purchased your seeds from ILGM and affiliates site [quote=“latewood, post:1, topic:6760”]
Winners must enter an entirely different plant and strain in order to be considered for prizes in future contests.

And by these standard, not knowing the strain, you are most probably not eligible to the contest, sorry. @latewood most probably will agree.

~Al :v: :innocent:


ILGM White Widow just about ready!


That’s OK. I should have read the rules. Thanks for the heads up!


You’re welcome :grinning:

~Al :innocent: :v:


Nice bud Buzzardhicks, plenty of sugar goodness :heart_eyes: :tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :wink:


Thanks for understanding. We kind if had to do it this way. You can leave you bud pick but, the entry cannot receive votes. Nice BUD!!! :slight_smile:




ILGM’s super silver haze✌🏽


ILGM Blueberry auto flower


First time ever.


Tough comp…couple of those buds look like they have been dipped in sugar. Nice work guys

AMS AK 47 Extm…at 7 1/2 weeks but still probably a couple weeks away.


Yeah I always keep sugar on the side LOL


I’d like to throw in my ILGM Auto fem Blueberry 7.5 weeks


@Oldstoner Just possibly I may be in Lurve :heart_eyes: That is Beautiful.


Do you drop the temps to 40-50’s at night to get the purples?


If you edit your pictures to 50%, they will fit and still be plenty big enough. :slight_smile:


Thanks I’ll remember that


My grow space has minimal heat so temps can drop into the 50’s on very
cold nights.