Many issues... I think?!

Hi! I am an amature looking for some guidance. Last April I bought a clone at the dispensary for my son’s science project. It was a Blue Skittles, a cross between Blue Dream and Skittles, not to be confused with Blue Diamond. I had no idea what I was doing and literally grew it using a LED workmans light for the first month. At the end of May I transplanted it from a 1g to 15g pot and put it in the ground outside. It grew outside until October when I harvested it. I ended up getting 2 lbs off the plant. Although I don’t smoke, members of my house do so I figured why not grow again and save some money, $35 an 1/8 at dispensary. Problem is, this time I think I am trying to hard to succeed that I am starting to fail!

I have a friend who grows like I cook, can’t recall how much of what he uses, he just does it. He had taken 20 clones off my plant and now has beautiful plants growing (indoor). On 10/31 I took some cuttings from he same plants and they rooted. On 11/23 I took some more and they are starting to root. Issue is how they are growing which is very different from how the original grew.

I took the cuttings and put them in cold water immediately. I cut on 45 degree angle, dipped in clonex gel, trimmed bottom leaves off and other leaves in half. Put in rock wool and put under 4 T5 lights 24/7, the black light has a LED plant light and a regular light bulb. Humidity is around 50% temp about 65-70 degrees and a fan blowing. I have not given nutrients yet and planned to but I read I need a higher strength than the Fox farm Grow Big that I have and another source said do not give nutrients until you transplant. At the same time I took the original cuttings, I took 4 of his clones, already in soil, that he was going to throw out because they were not thriving. This is my current set up. The black pots are the ones he was tossing, 2 Cherry Pie and 2 NY Kamikaze. All the rest are Blue Skittles. The red cups are from 10/31 and the rock wool is from 11/23.

My issues are as follows:

  1. Black potted plants: Tall stems but little foliage, leaves growing in purple, leaves browning.
  2. All the others: Yellowing and some curling leaves, slow growing.
    *I just tested the PH and it is 7.5 so it needs to be lowered but I wanted feedback before I do anything else.

Thank you in advance, and be gentle I am a complete amature!

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U def need to get ph down. They do look hungry with the yellowing but wont be able to absorb the food if ph out of whack. In soil u need to get it down to 6.5 give or take a point. What are ur temps? Purple colour can be from cold or genetic. A more experienced grower may b able to know more, @raustin is very knowledgeable with this stuff. Hopefully she can help

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They need food! They’re starving. There’s nothing wrong with Foxfarm grow big, many of us use it. A clones needs nutrients just like the mother plant because it’s the same age.

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So the soil ph ones are at 6 so I think they are good. The rock wool ones are around 7.5. How can I get it down? I had them with the plastic dome but have since removed it. Temp now is about 68 and humidity is 50%.

So how much would I give them?

This is double posted Robin. I answered a little different on that thread. I’m giving this to you. You’re a way better grower than me.

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Clear plastic cups are better for clones and new seedlings. You will be able to watch the roots grow. Once they look like a spider web…transplant.

GET CONTROL OF THE PH. A PH n PPM meter set is critical. $20 online.

Feed starting at 20% of feeding schedules…adjust as needed. Learn to read the leaves.

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Feed them at half strength, then go up to full strength once they look better. And get your Ph under control.