Manufacturing Marijuana For Medicinal Supply

As a project, I want to look at these strains. I think there is a legitimate way to grow for medical purposes. If you can get a license. But you need to know the genetics plus the THC, CBD, and get the GLC results, clones should give the same ratios then, take the experts advice on dosing and supply the product to people that cant afford it. Income based cost. But low. See what the medicinal suppliers are charging and work out the savings. Feed the profit back into more lights, bigger factory, staff etc.


Totally dependent on manufacturing costs.




Well there’s already a few doing it so it’s possible bro


But I don’t know if it’s very controlled, as in the known THC to CBD ratios.


It was another idea that popped into my head​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:




Well it currently must be under .5 % thc maybe it’s .3 I can’t remember off hand


It’s .3 THC but some people may require higher dosage THC for medicinal reasons? no idea.


I know that Charlott’s web wacked me.




Yes but nz law doesn’t allow that , it’s easy to get that type of seed as you know , charlottes fits into that category of medical class cannabis, the hard bit is turning that medical class into medical grade cannabis


Because of?


At the end of the day, a snack food bar is manufactured a certain way.


Initially be cost , all testing would be done off site at your expense , then the whole grow process will pretty much become like a food grade production line on steroids to meet medical grade requirements


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It’s clearly being done so it’s possible but sad to say all that power is still in big business hands



I want to make some money off this. Only what a CEO of a pharmaceuticals company would make. :joy: :joy: Okay, not that much.

Asset based supply. If there is one thing I know about competition…it brings the price way down

Too much red tape.

Lol yea shit who hasn’t thought that at one stage of there grow life lol , look as I said it’s possible, 3 companies I know of without doing any actual looking manufacture and export cbd and 1 that I know ( public record) exports thc cannabis. At a guesstimate to get in the door be around 150k setup if you own the land , license application will cost you something mental like 14k and if you fail it a re sit is full price lol it be no shits n giggles kinda operation that’s for reals!

Start off small. Illegally. Reinvest a lot of the capital. Offset the high THC consumers ROI against the sick. The drug dealers are going to get it anyway.

I like doing things without thinking about the repercussions. :joy: I’ve got a NZCS in biology and microbiology and I was involved in the manufacture and QA side of food productions for 20 years. Only parameters that I could see are microbial, toxicological, homogeneity, and correct CBD properties.
Microbial is easy, platelet counts.
GLC for everything else.

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I am prepping to start medical myself been on the outlaw side for a while. Looking to go legit. Start medical and wait for recreational to pass, usually the first recreational liscenses are issued to already established medical growers. So I am going to start there, good luck to us both right.


Yes, I thought it would be a good idea to get some insider info as a helping hand, I’m sure people are always willing to share.

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Always we are too high to be an issue. Save that crap for social media.

Still waiting for even medical to pass in my Midwestern state. I’ll have no problem getting a user license since a few of the conditions I have are treatable with cannabis. I don’t really smoke recreational, though it is great to wind the day down every day with a nice bowl.

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I don’t really smoke it as I get paranoid. But I want to grow a lot, and make some CBD solution to try to stop my seizures as I have epilepsy, my daughter has bad anxiety issues, and my mum has bad arthritis

So I don’t find weed relaxing. It’s great if you’re jumping into bed with a girlfriend :joy: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: