Manufacturer height or try to get more lux? What do you do?

First time grower here. I have a Spider Farmer SF2000 in a 4x2 with three 5 gallon plants in flower. SF says to put the light at 18" but I bought a lux meter and I’m only getting 30K at that height, and that’s for the top of the middle plant.The outer plants get in the 20K’s. I’ve read to try and achieve 65K. That would be impossible with this light as the plant would have to be basically touching. I lowered it to around 12" and was getting 50K but then raised it back up immediately fearing I would burn them and screw things up. I know I should have a better light and probably only 2 plants at a time, but here we are.

How do you guys/gals determine the distance to put your lesser than premium lights to get the best out of them?

I am planning on getting an infrared to take the leaf temp and get a better idea of VPD, but before I do I wanted to ask the community.


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I believe that light is a 200 watt light little small for a 2x4 I’m running about 320 in my 2x4 4 weeks into flower I will back off to about 250 at week 6 that’s about 1100 PPF in the center 850 in the corners

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What do you use the measure PPF? This was sold as a package. They say it’s sufficient to use in a 4x2. Maybe not for 3 plants. I’ve got between 10-15 prime bud sites per plant. Will this just cause smaller mature buds? This is what they say the PPF is…

Im using the corona iPhone app tent packages rarely give you the best light trying to keep the price down that being said that light will give you a good harvest


Thanks for your input. I always thought (heard somewhere) when an LED was pulling 200w it was putting out 400w. I’ll check that app out. Thanks again.

Spider Farmer is a good light but you can see in the corners less than 500 add a SF 1000 in the mix and you can rock those corners

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One more question…do you check leaf temp or just go by the PPF from the app? Thanks.

I just go by PPF but before I had the app I went on suggestions from my local grow shop, friends and then forums guys like @dbrn32 you will do great with that light but a little more better buds and that’s what where here for leds hame along way trying to forget HPs


I appreciate your help. Thanks again!

Like you I have 3 5 gallons in a 2x4 this is yesterday almost 5 weeks into flower


That’s what I’m hoping for! Looking great. What are you growing? I’ve got Critical Mass CBD, Blue Dream and AK47, all autos. Looks like you have photoperiods, right? I’m in the 2 week of flower on my CM CBD. This is 2 of them a few days ago…

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That’s GDP I’m hoping to get some purple out of it been running my AC hard at night to get the temps down

Hey @bluridge - Did you get the SF-2000 kit?
Same set-up I’m running, but I did get a SF-1000 to basically get the entire footprint good light coverage.
I use PPFD meter on the Samsung S21+ and my numbers are actually pretty close to the chart they publish. The better the camera, the better the phone apps work , I’ve read. The s21 has a very good camera…but take it for what it’s worth.
According to the readings I’m getting the light combo can easily exceed the light saturation needed by the plants.

These were put into the tent on the First of July - liberation day in my state - in 4gal plastic pots with FFHF soil.

I raised the lights last night to get moving vertically now. I’m thinking 4 more weeks of veg, maybe 6max, then the switch!

The lights fit the tent perfectly! Almost like they knew you’d want to upgrade! LOL!

Happy Growing and Good Luck!!

edit: The little shady area in back corner are from fans clipped to scrog board. I move them daily to promote even growth. I got some 3-D printed pole mounts for the fan a couple of days ago. Just need to install and hopefully I can raise them to the light level, reduce shading and still get decent air movement.

Hello fellow Virginian @Tylersays. Yes, I got the SF2000 kit. I started a week or 2 early. Just couldn’t wait and figured, what could go wrong.

I’m running autos and my canopy is not nearly as full as yours. Looking good! I will think about getting the SF1000. I think next time I will just run 2 5gal and really try to train them hard to fit the area. I was a little late on training this time since it’s my first run.

4 gal pots may be better for a 4x2 when running 3 plants. Trying to fit 3 5 gal under the light is getting difficult. I’m now shuffling them around, some get the middle for a day and then another.

I think the SF products are good quality for the price.

Have you grown before or is this your rookie run too?

Northam is a total pothead!! I’m convinced! LOL!!

I started the seedlings early too! July 1st is when they went into the 4gal. pots.
In my research I saw everyone using 5gal bags and 3 gal bags and or pots, I saw the 4gal low/wide pots at Lowes, and after watching this cats YouTube where he recommended low/wide over tall/narrow I just kinda decided on them.

I did a few guerilla grows in my youth, and even tried a 400w metal halide - which I actually still have! LOL!! But they didn’t amount to much.
This is by far my most successful start - ain’t crossed the finish yet!!
I did have one stand-out grow that produced a huge purple plant and about 3 gallon size ziplocs of buds, and much leaf!!
My inside grow was sabotaged by mites! The extra room I built the grow room in was carpeted, and I tried but couldn’t get rid of the bugs - and the woman wouldn’t let me rip out the carpet!
That was all pre-96! My last real attempt at any kind of grow.
Late 20s - time to make some money…so I could buy more weed! LOL!
So, more or less, yeah - first grow that might actually work! LOL!

I totally agree, I think Spider Farmer is a great value for the money! I’m totally happy, and in the long run I’m the one who has to live with it! If I get 2 decent harvest it’s paid for in full!
There’s a ton of videos on YouTube of guys doing some impressive grows with SF equipment. It was after watching one of those vids I decided to get the 1000.
In fact - long story, but I just got a 2.3x2.3 SF tent for a plant I’m force flowering.

I started a bunch of seeds for a few friends and they didn’t all find homes, so…in Virginia it doesn’t become a felony until you hit 11. So I have 10. LOL!
Two of the ladies ended up sharing the same pot outside, and I know that’s not good, but I ran out of acceptable media to grow in. Time went by and they didn’t get separated, so experiment! LOL!

Flowering time on Granddaddy Purple is 9 weeks or so. I’m gonna see what it does. LOL!
Night 5 tonight and she’s showing pre-flowers pretty quickly already!
I’ve got 3 in the tent - but 7 on the deck! LOL!

In the tent is 2 New York Diesel and a Super Skunk. All photo - and trained way too late myself actually.
Autos can’t stand up to a whole lot of training due to their quick nature. Which is appealing really.
I originally bought the small tent as a “tobacco barn” to dry and cure the harvest this fall, but recently I’m thinking I could get another 1000 and run 2 autos in there while I’m training a couple of photos in the 2x4…

Granddaddy Purple - bushy, up front
NYD - tall, lanky in rear
Totally neglected tomatoes - foreground LOL!

I have got to stop smoking and posting!!


edit: If you look low between the 2 NYD you can see the un-trainable Skunk that got kicked out of the tent!!
It has loved the sun this week and grown a good 3" in the first 4 days out there!!
Who doesn’t love a good skunk?!? Ans she smells soooo good!!

Hey @Tylersays. I’m about to hit “checkout” on the SF-1000. I need to start another run before this one is done due to a future trip planned and I want to get another run in before. It’s a long trip. I’m planning on using the SF-1000 to start and veg the new plants (out of the tent) until my current grow is out and harvested.

Anyway, does the SF-2000 and SF-1000 in the 4x2 fit properly? Are the lights hitting the sides of the tent when closed completely with negative pressure? I only got one cross bar with the kit, how did you hang the SF-1000 so it’s balanced? A picture would be great. Also, how are the temps in the tent with both going? It would be fun to see an update on your girls.

Hey buddy!
I literally just got finished beating my girls up! I started a Grow Journal if you’d like to catch up.

I honestly think Spider Farmer designed that tent for that combination! LOL!
As far as I can tell the sides don’t hit the light during negative pressure and I recently upgraded to the 6" Infinity exhaust.
I only got the 1 center support also. And the short cross bar, which I don’t think I use for anything.
I only have the exhaust hanging by the center support.
I got a cheap 4 pack of ratchet straps and use those, attached to the main outer frame for the lights.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words…

Since I recently upgraded the exhaust I grabbed a screen shot of before and after for comparison.



I LOVE my SF lights, but I have a HLG 350R arriving tomorrow! LOL!
I bought the 2.3x2.3 SF tent so I’m putting the 2000 in there for autos while I train and scrog a photo or two in the 2x4 over the long haul - and hopefully BIG haul!
Not sure if I’ll need the 1000 in the 2x4(doubtful) or use it to really blast the hell out of the autos as a side light or use for clones and seedlings.
Currently I’m using the small tent to force flower a couple of GDP that ended up in the same pot! LOL!
Let’s see what they do! Not expecting much :rofl:

I say go for it, it’s a great combination.

Happy Growing Everyone!

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Man, @Tylersays your’e awesome. Such great info. I looked up your new light and…damn. That thing will rock a 4x2. I’ll keep an eye on your journal.

I think you’ve actually convinced me more on the A/C Infinity 6 inch than the light. I’ve been having huge trouble with RH after watering. My lights off RH spikes are close to 70%. I have the SF 4 inch fan going at all times on high. I’m forced to leave the tent open during the day with another fan blowing to keep the temp/rh in check.

Also, love the ratchet strap idea. I’ve got a few collecting dust. I wish I could get another bar for support. Again, thanks for your quick responses and help.

You can see the lights out spikes I had pre-6". One problem I had was the woman complained about the noise late at night so I wasn’t able to run it all night. Luckily my timer allowed for several time settings so I had it set up to come on for a half hour every 2hrs or so of lights out. It helped, but the Infinity is so quiet it can run 24/7 and no complaints at all.
The crazy thing is - the 4" is closer to where she hangs at night and runs all night with no complaints…
And that explains why I’m trying to grow weed! :rofl: :joy: