Mantis in the flower tent


Does anyone know if they like the plants, or if they just don’t like sticky feet? This guy matches my plant perfectly, all the same colors. Just found (him/her?) today and figured I’d let it hang out inside for a while… I’ll go buy some crickets for it so it can eat. I’ve always loved these alien looking bugs👍!


Apparently mantis’ are carnivores and a great addition to any garden since they eat other insects.

I would just make sure to close the door to your grow if a male shows up and they fall in love. Females tend to get very moody and will rip off the males head after doing the baby dance. :blush: :bug:

You know, come to think of it, this could be a good lesson for human males: ALWAYS satisfy your woman first. :violin:


Very cool @Legalinmaine ! I love praying mantis’ too! I found a couple baby ones out in the yard this summer and put them in my tent but they disappeared after awhile. One thing I can say is that I didn’t have spider mites when the mantis were still around in the tent.


Hahaha yeah some of us bone heads think it’s just lady’s first in the door…:joy::joy::joy:



Getting rid of unwanted bugs from your marijuana plants can be a real hassle at times. I am going to try and give you some information using cannabis plants and the fight against it’s predators.

One of the best friends any garden can have in the fight against garden pests – the praying mantis.

He is protecting to see if I am a threat. The mantis is amazing because it eats anything that moves. No matter what is on the plant or garden this creature will devour it and leave the plants in perfect order.

Great for control of plant lice, aphids, white flies, beetles, grasshoppers. spider mites, black flies or the occasional caterpillar. You can buy the eggs in early spring and start your own “neighborhood” for them. I found once I brought them in they would make their own eggs and multiply the next year.

I suggest getting at least 3 egg pods (called ootheca). Each can contain up to 150 of the little mantis and they all come out together in spring when it warms up. Most of them will die but with three eggs you may get at least 30 or so big Mantis to help keep the garden free of bugs.

The only problem will be that they might go elsewhere when the food runs thin, but that is nature for you.

They are really wondrous creatures and give hours of enjoyment watching their antics as they devour the mean pests that infest your pot plants or garden as a whole.

Let her stay she will help keep your grow bug free



Great info👍. I almost wish I had some sort of pest to keep it hunting and happy. Crickets should keep her happy enough I think. If not she’ll go back outside, I don’t want to kill her.


Nice :+1:t2: definitely keep him or her in there thay eat other pest insects :ant:!! And it look cool like lil gardain of the green :metal:t2::metal:t2::metal:t2::metal:t2: