Manny,Moe and jack, Purple Kush

Update February 10th in a bathroom far far away Manny Moe and Jack were put into Jiffy cubes. Update February 11th seed number one I shall name Manny is already coming up and will be poking its top out in the morning less than 36 hours since I put it in the qube. Moe and Jack look like they’ve already cracked and are on the move. I believe these seeds will be very healthy. Pictures to come


I’m watching :wink:

Doggone it no fair @Dizzydan and congrats bud, i put mine in the 9th and no green yet. i might have put mine in a little too far down the jiffy, about a half inch i think may be a bit more. how warm was your bathroom?

Make sure ur having ur temps above 70 degrese when trying to germinate plants. @monkman

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Pk is great when used right. My last grow i used to much and it all but killed 80% of the new growing buds. Only used it twice on this grow so far.