Manifold Tech help

Hi guys.

Been growing very lazily for a few years but want to start learning the manifold technique.

I guess my question is more on how to grow “longer colas” with short node spacing. I have the manifold technique down but struggling with some basics.

I tried the Manifold technique twice and everything went fine until half way through flower. I either get a long cola with big gaps between bud sites OR I get a dense bud with lots of side branching under it? I seem to be struggling to get that sweet spot with the light or there’s a mistake I’m doing that I’m not aware of. Sorry I don’t have pics of the last mess-up, but picture a plant with 4 colas, only, each cola looks like a mini xmas tree instead of a long cola.

I’m running 4 plants in 20l pots under a 600w. Space is 1x1x2m.

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This is a challenge, and I think the best answer is to allow for stretch, which is strain/genetics dependent, and nutrients all at just the right timing. Part two of this answer, I think some experience in growing is a factor. Knowing what the plant needs, when, and how to change the lighting in your favor to produce the plant you want. Sorry I didn’t answer that directly.


Just as important as what you listed would be careful seed selection for traits you are looking for.

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600 watt what light?

Sorry for the delay. 600w HPS in flower, 400w MH in veg, Biogrow and Biobloom nutes. The strains used is cheese and Elvis always from clones.