Manifold / Mainlining Question


I have been vegging 6 ILGM Banana Kush plants for a while now and I’m ready to flower them. They have been grown in the manifold style and have (mostly - I had a couple of accidents :frowning: ) 8 mains with no side shoots.

I’m using non-XL autopots this time with 50/50 coco/perlite, Advanced Nutes (pH perfect) and RO water

My question is: when do I stop pulling off the side shoots? Do I just leave them now or do I keep pulling them for the first 1-2 weeks of 12/12 or ?

I got a much better canopy then my previous grow (still not perfect tho)

And some monster stalks (the rear left is over an inch thick)


Might trim a few of the larger leaves, especially, if they are yellowing and dying.
A few leaves at at time will be less stressful to the Ladies.
Best Wishes…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:


Oooooh, how beautiful it is!
Yes, it is necessary to use the 12/12 mode, but for a while, the amount of time is more difficult. I think definitely no more than 3 weeks.
Good luck, you’re doing a great job.


stop now and flip to 12/12, in a week or 2 trim the underside, pinch off of any airy budlets,
u want your canopy to be 16-18" tall at the end of flower.!!

i like to leave the fan leaves even below the 18" ‘line’,
even 2’ below the tops they get enough light to help the plant.


That’s what i was thinking - wait until they just start to flower, clean up a few fan leaves (I have removed a lot while vegging) and any wannabe pop corn buds then just wait

I flipped tonight, let’s see what happens


A quick update, 10 days after flipping to 12/12 and they’re stretching like crazy. Canopy was 21" from the top of the coco, now its 32" - eek, 11" in 10 days. Some of the side shoots are now 3-4" long, these were the first ones I didn’t remove when I flipped so they were tiny nubs only 10 days ago

I can now see a few white pistils so tonight’s reservoir refresh is the first made with flowering nutes! The countdown has started

I should have put this in the grow log section …