Manifold base stem split


Unfortunately I was doing some stem bending and the manifold base split, I taped the divided stem joining the two parts together and I added a binding for additional support of the cracked stem. The crack is about 1,5 cm :cold_sweat:
I hope my baby to survive this brutality. On her favor it is that the plant was healthy and growing fine (still in vegetative stage).
I feel miserable, I’d fim the fruits of my groin for this.


That would be a good use of super thrive and otherwise the flower should survive, its growth will increase much more you will have bigger fruits


Thank you very much dear, your comment gives me solace and I’m needing right now


Zip ties work great for that situation


Unfortunately I don’t have a single one right now :frowning:


If you have honey or Aloe & she’s not healing yet dab some on and rewrap. Both improve healing.


Exactly what I came here to say, @SmoknGranny. I have a knack for breaking stems, but I’ve gotten pretty good at first aid for them! I bet she’ll be okay, @gabarram


Dont worry, shell stall for a few days form a knuckle at break & then take off. I know, ive done this when i didnt know about adding honey & was fine. I now keep a first aid kit for girls as im clumsy with tape, scissors, honey ect.